With the 1-Step Instant Metric Magic™ , “The World’s Easiest To Use Metric Conversion Calculator”, anyone that has a need to make metric conversions and vice versa, in the field or at their desk, can do so instantly! That is why we call the 1-Step, Instant Metric Magic™. 95% of the world’s people use the metric system of measurement. 1-Step is the International calculator of the world.

The 1-Step is a must for the many who used the English inch/pound system all their lives and now have a need to understand and use the metric equivalents, in volume, weight (mass), length, area, cubic, temperature, decimals and fractions.


Contractors, ( building, electrical, plumbing, estimators, etc.), can make instant conversions of plans at their desk or in the field. So can teachers, travelers, businessmen, and anybody else that needs to or wants to convert inch/pound units of measurements to the metric equivalents and vice versa. It is fantastic for travelers leaving the U.S. or travelers coming to the U. S.

For teachers starting to teach their 4th-5th grade students to use the calculator, the 1-Step, a dual powered, full function, dual calculator, will be their best tool and helper to show inch/pound to metric and vice versa conversions instantly!

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